Guitar Idol 2009 Winner

Guitar Idol is an online talent search for the world’s most talented guitarist. Competitors submit their performances to Youtube and it will be voted by guitar fans all around the globe through the Guitar Idol site. There have been a total of 12 finalists who battled out for the top spot at the final showdown held at the massive London International Music Show. This year’s winner is Jack Thammarat from Thailand.

I’ve checked Jack’s performances on Youtube and this guy is fantastic! Hearing him play reminds me of some guitar legends such as Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Guthrie Govan. His playing style is a perfect convergence Rock, Blues, Jazz and Progressive genres. He has the ablitiy to play with stunning speed and accuracy. When Jack covers a songs, he makes it sure to stay loyal to the original: from the notes played, down to the tone of the guitar. Other than that, he's also an excellent composer. He implements both melodic and harmonic beauty to his compositions.

There are no cash prizes for the Guitar Idol competition. But the winner will take home any or all of the thousands of dollars worth of Guitars and Amplifiers!
Here’s the list:
  1. Blackstar HT-5S Amp
  2. Mayones Regius 7 Guitar Idol Custom Model Electric Guitar ($3400)
  3. Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette Electric Guitar ($2200)
  4. Rob Williams Set Neck Standard Electric Guitar ($3200)
  5. PRS Custom 24 Birds Electric Guitar ($4000)
  6. Marshall JVM410H Full Stack Amp ($2900)
It was not clearly stated in their website which of these cool gears will go to the champion. But any one of these is already a dream come true for me! :-)

Check out their site for more details.




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