Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band

I have mentioned these two video games in my previous posts. So what now? It’s time to buy and test it! So which should you buy? That’s a good question. Both games promise arena-filling rock-god dreams, and both are good. The first thing to look for is where these two games are set apart. Hmmm? It’s pretty hard to answer since both games can give you a rock star gaming experience.

One of the latest versions, “Guitar hero World Tour”, has added a feature -- It has a six-drum kit. That’s a big jump from previous guitar hero versions which is made for guitar acts alone. That’s why it’s called “guitar hero” right? Now with the Rock Band, it can be played for solo guitar acts as well. But they won’t call it Rock Band for nothing. It’s is primarily designed to be played with fellow wannabe’s since it has the capability to be played with microphones and drum-kits. hahaha!

Probably, if you really wanted to throw a party with these kinds of games, here’s where Guitar hero is left behind. You have to unlock all the songs! You need to have a Guitar Hero marathon and unlock all the songs by yourself before you can call out your friends. This way, you won’t disappoint them with just a few choices of songs. Rock Band’s songs are easier to unlock because you have the option to have a “No Fail” mode. Let’s put it this way. Rock Band is made for the musical enjoyment, and Guitar Hero is made for the game experience itself. Yeah? Yeah? I know… You’ll have more sense of accomplishment when playing Guitar Hero.

To sum it up, both games are excellent. They all come in several game console formats. But when it comes to the integration of microphone and a drum kit to this game format, Rock Band is a winner since they’ve been doing it for years. I’m afraid there might still be glitches with Guitar Hero’s. BTW, guitar hero also has a version for Nintendo DS.


Nick Andrew July 23, 2009 at 11:54 PM  

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