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I'm here alone with my laptop. This is my first post. I'm quite new about this "blogging" stuff. All i know is that i do love writing and this is a perfect venue to post all the things that has been rumbling my mind once in a while. But of course, posting all of that here means filling up this site with some childish nonsense. And for that, everything that's going to be written here are only stuff that matters.

Do you know that feeling? When an idea suddenly struck your mind? And there is no pen and paper beside you to write on? And after you do find something that can be as useful, the idea already vanished? Quite frustrating right? It's a good thing I always have my notebook beside me. No idea should be left unwritten. Being very passionate about music, i also have my handy audio recorder. Sometimes its easier to record stuff than writing it on a piece of paper especially when I'm composing a tune or a melody in my mind.But that doesn't mean i don't know how to read and write notes.

I'm a very active musician. And very fond of classical and rock music. Some people do find it crazy to be admiring rock and classical music at the same time. This is a common misconception about this two genres. As a matter of fact, rock music has its roots to classical music! Even modern rock guitar instrumentalist like Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, and bands like Metallica and Dream Theater, has some classical training in one form or another. The funny thing about this is that common people refer to them as Music Geniuses. Well, this is partly true. I have even referred to them as Rock Gods one time. What most of us didn't quite understand is that these "Rock Gods" also have their own sets of Rock Gods. They might have almost worshiped BB king and Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles during their teens. And if we dig deeper, researching about the Rock Gods of the Rock Gods of the Rock Gods of the Rock Gods and so on and so forth (whew!!)... Names like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach will surely pop out. And they are the Rockstars of their era. Music is constantly evolving but certainly, the very foundation invented by classical geniuses remains the same from generation to generation.

Thats the reason why i like Rock and Classical music all at the same time. I have not even mentioned modern songs that are directly influenced by classical music. Classical music is the foundation to every piece of music that we play!! Its a good thing that Popular Culture made a simpler version of it so that common people can have a glimpse of what music can really do.


musicfreak May 3, 2009 at 10:11 PM  

Hi friend, what you have wrote is truly right,music always evolves but as you said, the root of the music is still classical stuffs. Bach, Vivaidi, Paganini an so on, their music are beautiful when transcribed into guitar.



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