Mosh Pit (Moshing)

Moshing is a concert-goers tradition wherein they push and slam into each other during a live performance for the purpose of enjoyment. It is mostly seen on concerts featuring aggressive genres such as hardcore punk and heavy metal. This is the primary reason why “crowd control” became requirement in these types of concerts.

A more recent variation of moshing is called the "Wall of Death". Concert-goers are directed away from the center of the standing area by a member of the band until a large, rectangular area is cleared (sometimes outlined by a “velvet rope”), and, upon the band beginning the next song; the two sides perpendicular to the stage sprint at each other and collide in the middle, and are typically done in an area in front of the stage which is referred to as the mosh pit or simply pit.

Moshing may seem fun, but it also has drawn some controversy over its dangerous nature – injuries are common and there have been reported deaths. However, it is generally agreed that moshers are not trying to harm one another and follow an unwritten moshing etiquette, or pit hospitality. Moshers help their fallen comrades!

To maintain peace and order, it is not uncommon to see bouncers on many concerts. They act as human “barricades”. Maybe they won't be needed if moshers will end their stupidity. One day, they will grow up and laugh while looking back to their idiotic youth. :-)




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